May 17, 2021

Exhibition of Cochl.Sense at SECON 2021


We successfully exhibited Cochl.Sense - Emergency Detection with our partner Sunjin Infotech at SECON 2021 last week. The event was held on the KINTEX Exhibition Center and our Cochl.Sense Sound AI system was running on the Axis Q1615 Mk-III security camera through Axis ACAP platform and connected to Milestone's Video Management System(VMS) to retrieve video clips when emergencies were detected.

We are continuously increasing the number of supported security camera devices as well as VMS platforms. Currently, Cochl.Sense - Emergency Detection supports 4 sounds: fire/smoke alarm, glass break, scream, and siren. Also, we are preparing to add gunshot detection and the updates are planned for August 2021. Stay tuned!

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