Jul 21, 2020

Introducing Cochl.Sense 3rd service: Cochl.Sense – Human Status


Emotionally-savvy artificial intelligence

When we are awake or asleep, we humans often make audible sounds unconsciously- mostly through our mouth. These sounds signify one’s emotional state or physical health. People laugh out loud when amused and sigh when frustrated. Frequent coughing usually indicates the presence of a disease. Devices being able to analyze our feelings or health means improved personalization and user experience. These devices could respond based on user’s emotional state or provide early diagnosis of diseases.

Built to naturally assist with user's everyday life

Following our first two services of Cochl.Sense, Emergency detection and Human interaction, we’ve added a new service called Human status. Cochl.Sense - Human status can understand sounds that implies emotional and physical state— such as laughter, cough, and snore. When applied to smart home, lights could be turned off when snoring is detected. For healthcare, apps can notify users if frequency of coughing has increased. You can also build a smart assistant that reacts to sigh so it can comfort the user.

Get started today

We look forward to seeing what you build with Cochl.Sense- Home Context! Please feel free to connect with Cochl team to share your feedback (!

Supported Sounds:

• Burping

• Cough

• Hiccup

• Laughter

• Sigh

• Sneeze

• Snoring

• Yawn

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