Nov 30, 2020

Introducing Cochl.Sense 4th service: Home Context


Realizing context-aware smart home

Home is a place where you feel comfortable, fun, and safe. If a computer can understand what’s going on in your home, the smart home system can enhance your quality of life by suggesting suitable services to you at the right timing. Following the first three services of Cochl.Sense, Emergency detection, Human interaction, and Human status, we are pleased to announce a new service called Home context. Cochl.Sense - Home context can understand sounds frequently occur at homes such as baby cry, dog bark, and water tap.

Leverage indoor sounds for personalized home experience

Modern apps are reliant on the concepts of contextualization and personalization, which anchor a tailored, predictable and adaptive digital experience. With sound-activated design, you can build smart home platform that reacts and adapt to indoor acitivities. If you have a dog, you can check the dogcam and see what triggered your dog to bark. Get notified if there is water leaking from the water tap. Your smart speaker also can play calm music to help you focus on writing when keyboard sound is heard. Cochl.Sense - Home Context allows developers to effectively deploy context-aware features to their services.

Get started today

We look forward to seeing what you build with Cochl.Sense- Home Context! Please feel free to connect with Cochl team to share your feedback (!

Supported sounds:

• Baby cry

• Toilet flush

• Dining clink

• Keyboard or mouse

• Dog bark

• Knock

• Water tap

• Electric shaver

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