May 15, 2020

Cochl.Sense v1.0 has finally released.


We are so excited to announce that the official version of Cochl.Sense v1.0 is here. Since our first alpha release on early 2018, we've been improving it in many ways. Now it provides much better stability and performance, with an easy-to-use user management dashboard, billing, and monitoring system, so we can finally name it v1.0. Cochl.Sense is the only publicly available Sound AI API to date. With the release of v1.0, we've renewed our services into two products, Emergency Detection and Human Interaction. Below is the list of supported sounds, and we will continuously add more functionality on top of it.

Supported Sounds of Cochl.Sense - Emergency Detection:

• Fire_smoke_alarm
• Glassbreak
• Scream
• Siren

Supported Sounds of Cochl.Sense - Human Interaction:

• Clap
• Finger_snap
• Knock
• Whisper
• Whistling

If you have any questions regarding integration and development, please contact us through for

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