Creating ears for AI

Machine listening technology for everyone. A next-generation
sound AI platform that understands any sounds like a human.

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  • Sounds contain
    a variety of valuable information

  • We hear various sounds in our daily life. However, the computer has not been able to understand it. Sound contains a critical information such as for safety, interaction, entertainment, machine monitoring, and healthcare, but its value has been extremely underestimated.

What makes us different from
other sound technologies?

  • Machine listening, beyond speech recognition

    Based on our proprietary audio/ML technology, we made the ultimate sound AI system that understands “sound”, not just “speech”.

  • Extreme flexibility, deploy anywhere

    We provide our technology through both Cloud API and Edge SDK, which means that it can be deployed literally anywhere.

  • Built by one of the leading research groups in the field

    We are back-to-back winner of IEEE DCASE ’17 ’18, the most prestigious competition in the sound AI, also ranked first among 558 teams in Kaggle sound AI competition.


Cochl.Sense, a sound AI system that analyzes acoustic events in real-time.

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  • sound-icons
  • sound-icons
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  • sound-icons
  • Gunshot
  • Scream
  • Knock
  • Glass break
  • Baby cry
  • Fire/smoke alarm
  • Cough
  • Dog bark
  • Door bell


Add a listening ability anywhere. Smart home to entertainment, bring disruptive innovation to your industry.

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