Automated analysis and protection of your audio contents

How are you managing the flood of audio content?
From music streaming services, social media to online video platforms, the media, and entertainment market is thriving more than ever and competition is intensifying. It is reported that more than 60,000 songs are released every day, that’s nearly one song per second, and it is impossible to analyze and manage this with human labor. Also, there are even more user-created audiovisual data generated, shared, and uploaded through social media and video platforms. For businesses, demand for efficiently analyzing audio content uploaded and being streamed on their platforms has skyrocketed. We provide technology for accurately extracting important high-level information, that used to be manually done by human listening.

Our benefits

Check out how sound AI can bring disruptive change in the entertainment industry.

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    Prevent legal problems

    From music copyright infringement to adult content, Cochl can efficiently monitor audio contents at any scale, for either stored database or real-time.

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    Intelligent music categorizing

    Leverage Cochl’s automated analysis of high-level information like genre and mood, and build a better music categorization and recommendation system.

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    Automate repetitive tasks

    Analyzing a huge amount of audio data manually takes time. Our scalable system can handle any amount of data, return the result in a second.

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    Leading music technology

    Cochl outperforms music technology giants in quality music fingerprinting, music content analysis, with exceptional performance in analysis speed and accuracy.

Entertainment Use Cases

  • Automated content moderation

    Many companies run into expensive legal issues by abusive user content with profanity. Filter out harmful audio content and sustain brand safety using AI. Cochl’s automated content moderation solutions filter out unwanted content much faster than human moderators and with greater accuracy.

  • Monitor music copyright infringement

    A large number of entertainment platforms find it difficult to manage unlicensed music that users upload and stream, which often leads to expensive penalties. Leverage Cochl’s next-gen music fingerprinting to detect copyright infringement, and let users replace unlicensed music with similar royalty-free music.

  • Closed captioning and audio search

    Captions provide access to audio and audiovisual materials for the hearing impaired and provide critical links to communication and information to them.

Applied technologies

  • iconMusic content analysis
  • iconMusic fingerprinting
  • iconSound event detection

See it in action

Our technology sounds difficult? Let us show you how it actually works.


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