Smart home

Make your passive voice assistant to proactive AI agent

Home automation simplified
With the wide proliferation of the internet of things, people now use smart home devices to facilitate everyday household activities and increase living comfort. However, smart home devices usually have to be manually activated by humans or require too many sensors. Also, modern AI agents can be controlled by voice commands but it is still very passive, just following the order from people. We believe that the next-generation of AI systems should be proactive, and should be able to understand the situation and context just like humans. From home security, healthcare to device control, Cochl offers a wide range of next-generation home services simply enabled by a microphone.

Listen to automate

Cochl.Sense understands and monitors what’s going on at home in non-intrusive way. We deliver top-quality machine listening technology to enhance smart home experience, moving from passive service to proactive context-aware service.

  • Home appliances
  • IoT devices
  • Smart speakers
  • Home robots
  • IP cameras

Cloud API

With an internet connection, powerful, real-time sound analysis is available through our Cloud API without heavy computation power.


Edge SDK

Cochl.Sense can be installed on home appliances, robots, smart speakers, or any IoT devices using our Edge SDK.

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Our benefits

Check out how sound AI can bring disruptive change in smart home industry.

  • 01

    24/7 Peace of mind

    Cochl.Sense can send you alerts for unusual sounds detected when you are away or provide frequency analysis of symptoms of your family members.

  • 02

    Solution for post-pandemic

    Build a no-touch solution to minimize touchpoints— from the door opening, video intercoms, doorbells to light switches.

  • 03

    Built to enhance accessibility

    Cochl.Sense can provide situational information for people who are deaf or hard of hearing. It also enables ease of control for people who have speech impairment or mobility limitations.

  • 04

    Keep it simple with fewer sensors

    Installing sensors for every door and window can be overwhelming. Keep your home security simple with Cochl.Sense— a single microphone can be just enough.

Smart home Use Cases

  • Healthcare & elderly care

    While it is necessary to provide more complex care to people with chronic health conditions, it is hard to do so and oftentimes many symptoms are neglected which can cause bigger problems. Our technology enriches the lives of those who are in need of care with AI-driven solution that increases autonomy whilst maintaining peace of mind.

  • Fastest shortcuts to your home routines

    Today’s smart home market is beginning to reveal its potential for utilities and service providers are offering advanced services. Smart home interaction techniques are, however, still rather traditional, with voice control largely adopted. Repeated tasks routinely carried out, such as turning on and off lights, could be triggered by a simple sound, rather than shouting a full sentence out loud. Hands-free, accessible, and intuitive, Cochl.Sense enables the easiest interaction with home devices.

  • Simple and accurate home security

    Along with home security cams, many sensors are needed to complement the limitations that come with video-only surveillance. Motion sensors give you too many notifications for any trivial movements, and multiple door/window sensors are required to protect every window. Cochl technology accurately identifies different emergencies in real-time. Get minimum notifications for sounds that matter the most to you, and respond faster to emergencies.

Supported sounds

  • iconBaby cry
  • iconDog bark
  • iconCough
  • iconSnore
  • iconKnock

See it in action

Our technology sounds difficult? Let us show you how it actually works.


Add a listening ability anywhere. Smart home to entertainment, bring disruptive innovation to your industry.