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Solve a critical problem through research to make a disruptive change

  • Make computers listen
    Cochl is a deep-tech startup focusing on machine listening technology. We blended all of our knowledge and know-how in our product, applying the latest signal processing and deep learning techniques. There is no benchmark for this, but we set the standard in the field.
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    Machine listening, beyond speech recognition

    Speech is only a small part of acoustic information, and what we hear everyday is a lot more than that. Cochl provides sound understanding AI that can understand any sounds like a human.

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    Unified sound AI platform

    We have an end-to-end, automatic pipeline for audio data collection, quality validation, pre-processing, augmentation, model training, testing, post-processing, and deployment. Completely unified.

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    No dependency on microphone and recording environment

    We don’t require user to use specific hardware. It is purely software-based, and we make our system to handle a various kind of microphone and recording environment automatically, achieved by extensive research on generalization techniques.

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    Fully deep learning-based algorithm

    No handcrafted, rule-based, or hybrid. Our system is end-to-end, fully deep learning-based algorithm that can mimic auditory perception of humans.

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    Real-time processing either on cloud or edge

    Our sound AI system can be running on both cloud and edge in real-time, utilizing all the benefits from each environment. This means that it can be easily adopted literally anywhere.

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    Built by one of the leading research groups in the field

    We are a back-to-back winner of IEEE DCASE which is the largest challenge in this field, and won Kaggle for “General purpose audio tagging” out of 556 teams.

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  • Cochl.Labs

    We study and experiment many projects and there are many ways to explore our potentials in Cochl.Labs. Wherever, and whenever try out our web demos so that you can experience our technology.