Emergency sound monitoring on security cameras, VMS platforms, and robots

Technology for safety isn’t perfect yet
Surveillance cameras are widely used to detect emergencies, and there is an increasing number of people installing personal security cameras at home for monitoring purposes. Visual information contains lots of clues about what is going on. However, it is hard to cover areas of interest without blind spots, also often clues of emergency are clearer or only exist in acoustic information rather than visual information.

Listen to protect

Cochl.Sense can add the hearing ability to devices and services such as security cameras, video management systems, and robots. We deliver top-quality machine listening technology to solve issues and challenges in security to make our daily life safer.

  • Security cameras
  • Video management systems
  • Smart speakers
  • Robots
  • Emergency bell

Cloud API

With an internet connection, powerful, real-time sound analysis is available through our Cloud API without heavy computation power.


Edge SDK

Cochl.Sense can be installed on home appliances, robots, smart speakers, or any IoT devices using our Edge SDK.



By using a security camera from Axis Communications, it is possible to install Cochl.Sense with a few clicks.


Video management systems (VMS)

By using VMS from Milestone and Genetec, you can use Cochl.Sense right away without any development.

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Our benefits

Check out how sound AI can bring disruptive change in the security industry.

  • 01

    Cost-effective monitoring

    Cochl.Sense can monitor audio streams 24/7, so that security monitoring can be done with the minimum number of people.

  • 02

    Privacy first

    Cochl.Sense - Emergency Detection SDK processes it on the fly at a local device, not storing any data.

  • 03

    Perfect danger detection

    Many important clues of danger are only in the sound. For instance, gunshot or scream can’t be detected with visual information.

  • 04

    No blindspots

    Think of how one church bell covers an entire village. There are no blind spots in the audio, so large areas can be covered.

Security Use Cases

  • Public safety

    Cities are getting crowded and the number of security cameras being installed to monitor crime is increasing, but it is difficult for people to monitor them all. Also, clues to the crime, such as screams and glass breaking sounds, cannot be detected by video recognition.

  • Home security

    Protect your home while you are away. With Cochl.Sense, you can make your house listen to the sounds that are obvious clues of danger or emergency.

  • Accessibility to emergency alarms

    Cochl.Sense makes security alarms accessible to hearing-impaired people. By detecting emergency sounds and providing that information through devices, we expand the accessibility of emergency alarms.

Supported sounds

  • iconFire/smoke alarm
  • iconGlass break
  • iconGunshot
  • iconScream
  • iconSiren

See it in action

Our technology sounds difficult? Let us show you how it actually works.


Add a listening ability anywhere. Smart home to entertainment, bring disruptive innovation to your industry.