Infotainment, vehicle monitoring, extra safety to autonomous driving

Paving the path to autonomous vehicles
In the near future, humans’ act of driving will heavily rely on these AI-based operating platforms to anticipate potential hazards while driving as well as make basic driving decisions. To keep the drivers safer on the roads and realize widespread deployment of the fully autonomous vehicle, cars need human-like cognitive abilities with situational awareness. It also enables a driver-friendly infotainment system for a pleasant driving experience.

Listen to drive

Cochl.Sense can add the hearing ability to vehicles, and it can be used for infotainment, engine monitoring, and autonomous driving. We deliver top-quality machine listening technology to solve issues and challenges in the automotive field to make driving intelligent.

  • Smart cockpit
  • Infotainment
  • Mechanical failure
  • Dash cams

Cloud API

With an internet connection, powerful, real-time sound analysis is available through our Cloud API without heavy computation power.


Edge SDK

Cochl.Sense can be installed on home appliances, robots, smart speakers, or any IoT devices using our Edge SDK.

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Our benefits

Check out how sound AI can bring disruptive changes in the automotive industry.

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    Vital for autonomous vehicles

    Cochl.Sense complements other sensors to make accurate comprehension and evaluation of their surroundings.

  • 02

    Know before it fails

    Detect in-car noise indicative of failures that are obvious to experts, but not very familiar to most drivers.

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    Do more with less

    Adding another component is a time-consuming and expensive process in mass-production. Cochl can leverage existing in-car microphones to provide rich functionalities.

  • 04

    Advancing virtual assistants

    Virtual assistants can leverage Cochl.Sense to estimate drivers’ mood and physical state from sounds, and make personalized recommendations.

Automotive Use Cases

  • Infotainment & driver-car interaction

    As assistive driving and autonomous technology are taking some of the stress out of driving, drivers are actively interacting with cars more than ever, and automakers are putting bigger efforts into infotainment systems to build a driver-friendly environment. Cochl’s audio-based context-aware system helps to create personalized interaction and recommendations. Cochl also accommodates a pleasant driving experience with quick and intuitive shortcuts, making interactions simpler.

  • Measuring surrounding environment

    For a truly driverless car to be able to operate fully on its own with no driver involvement, it needs to be capable of making human-like decisions— responding to critical events in milli-seconds. Cochl complements the traditional combination of lidar, cameras, and radars to detect important events happening in and outside of vehicles in real-time, which is critical especially for autonomous vehicles and hearing-impaired drivers.

  • Proactive vehicle monitoring and maintenance

    Audio is the most apparent sign of mechanical failure. ML-based approach to auditory machine monitoring enables diagnostics for intelligent maintenance decisions, which have been manually done by human maintenance experts so far. Drivers can spot failing components at an early stage and have their cars checked before a critical issue occurs. Using the Cochl framework, building and training new ML models with unique sound characteristics can be done in an effective and automated way.

Supported sounds

  • iconCar honk
  • iconCar crash
  • iconCar window break
  • iconSiren
  • iconWhistle

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