Cochl.Sense for AXIS Camera Application Platform(ACAP)

Add listening ability to your camera

Cochl.Sense is a sound analytics solution based on cutting-edge sound AI technology for real-time detection of target sounds. This provides actionable insights to users when the target sounds contain meaningful information about the surroundings. Cochl.Sense can be integrated into video management systems (VMS) or configured to send notifications to users, enabling a fast response to emergencies or statistical insights. The applications are supported by ARTPEC-6/7/8 cameras and Network Speakers (C1410 and C1310-E) and leverage on-device processing power.

Key features

  • Real-time audio analysis based on cutting-edge sound AI technology
  • Enables audio-based surveillance and helps to monitor events that occur in the blind spot of the camera
  • Installable even in private spaces such as restrooms with Axis Network Speakers
  • Ideal applicationsSecurity management

    • Business site
    • table
      • Office
      • Shopping mall
      • Convenient store
      • Restaurant
      • Factory
    • Public place
    • table
      • Public square
      • Urban park
      • Pedestrian street
      • Highway
      • Residential area
    • Home
    • table
      • Real-time home surveillance
      • Fire alarm or house break-in notification

    Technical specifications

    Best working conditionSound samplesComprising sound events
    Car accident< 200m> 70 dBAVisit our website : crash, Tire squeal
    Car burnout< 200m> 70 dBALoud engine acceleration, Tire squeal
    Cough/sneeze< 7m> 55 dBACough, Sneeze
    Fire/smoke alarm< 30m> 45 dBAFire bell, Fire alarm, Smoke detector
    Glass break< 7m> 60 dBAGlass break
    Gunshot< 50m> 80 dBAGunshot, Machine gun
    Scream< 7m> 55 dBAScream, Yell
    Siren< 60m> 45 dBAFire truck, Police car, Ambulance, Civil defense siren

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